Virtual numbers for account activations via SMS

one time SMS Services for all countries, such as whatsapp, telegram, shopee, facebook, gmail, microsoft, and others

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About us

What is OTP ?

One Time Password

OTP is a code sent by several service providers such as whatsapp, facebook, shopee, telegram, and others as a form that those who register on their website are not robots.


For an example, you can use our service to register with whatsapp. And your number is still private


If you want to register for an application, and you don't want to use your personal number, we have the solution


Easy to use


Our website is easy to use, select country that you want and choose the services, as simple as that

FAQ's & Terms

Frequently asked questions and terms of use

General Questions

How to order ?

You can go to dashboard, select country first > select service > and click order bellow

Just go to add fund tab, and click the payment method that you want > fill amount

Each number will get 10 - 20 minute before expire

You can cancel the order if you dont get the code before expire

If you cancel your order, your fund will refund

Servers 1 and 2 have some differences, number of countries and services. And on server 2 there is no charge for additional SMS, while on server 1 there is a fee according to the service price. Server 1 expires in 10 minutes, but if there is an additional SMS the expiration time returns to 10 minutes, while for server 2 the expiration time is 20 minutes, whether or not there is an additional SMS the expiration time will not increase

When finished ordering, do not immediately switch to another page, the order details are at the bottom of the server page. When after ordering and switching to another page, the OTP/SMS will not receive and will cause the number to expire, it is important to watch how to order on the tutorial menu

I hoped that you have seen the tutorial on how to order, expired orders cannot be refunded, but you can cancel the order when the expiration time is almost over, such as 30 seconds before the expiration time runs out you can cancel the number and your balance will be returned

The affiliate program is when you manage to give your affiliate link to other people and the other person registers and adds balance, you will get 2% of the total balance they added. Minimum withdrawal to account balance is IDR 5.000


You can use our live chat in chat menu, or email us: [email protected]



by registering on our site, you must obey and comply with all the rules that we provide

you are not allowed to use our site for negative purposes

we reserve the right to freeze your account in case of fraud

if you use our site as a profit, we do not fully guarantee when your business goes down

funds that have been added to your account will not be withdrawn to your bank or e-wallet account

The prices we offer can change at any time

Successful or expired orders cannot be refunded, please watch the tutorial video first

every service you order has a time left notification, if you don't get a SMS you can cancel the order and your funds will be returned to your account and try with different country or service if you want to order